The core responsibility of Enlight HR & Payroll Management System is to manage human resource & payroll in an efficient & smooth way. Enlight HR & Payroll Management System includes the following features:

HR Information Database

At the heart of Enlight HR & Payroll system there is the employee information database. This system can eliminate need for hard-copy employee files, keeping all of the information very organized and easy to access in a virtual electronic filing cabinet.
Payroll System:

Payroll Management is the important part of Enlight HR & Payroll System. Our system allows an organization to keep employee data integrated with payroll data, which can be very helpful when it comes to making changes in pay, scheduling, and keeping track of employee working days.

Employee Self-Service:
Enlight HR & Payroll Management System includes features that allow employees to view and make changes to their information, submit time off requests, communicate with peers and HR professionals, and view schedule information. These options can streamline communication and approval processes, saving HR professionals’ time and helping to boost employee empowerment and engagement.

Performance Management:

Paper performance appraisals can be a hassle and can be limited in scope and effectiveness. When performance management is done using Enlight HR system, appraisals are often much more complete and effective. Managers can gather information directly from the system without having to dig through paperwork, so the entire process becomes faster and smoother.

Leave and Absence Management:

Enlight HR & payroll Management System help to manage absence and attendance at workplace. It goes further by automating this process by allowing employee direct involvement through Employee Self Service interface and user configured workflows for leave/absence approval processes.