Features that made Enlight Accounts Solution an effective and efficient solution are as follows:

Ease Of Use:
Enlight Account Solution is easy to operate. Users can follow the systematic instructions that map out each accounting task. This helps financial management, especially for beginners who do not understand every step in each task.

Enlight Accounts Solution is  a scalable system, many users can use the software without taking turns. That’s because the system expands to accommodate any number of users.
General Ledger:
General Ledger of Enlight Accounts Solution enables users to import items directly and the program adds recurring entries for users.

Professional Invoicing:
Invoices represent your business. So Enlight Accounts Solution produces professional-looking invoices.
Reporting Functions:
You need to retrieve information that tells you how your company is doing. Furthermore, you shouldn’t feel the need to call your accountant each time you want a balance sheet or income statement. A click of an icon of Enlight Account Solution get you any of the standard financial reports.

Tracking Services:
Enlight Accounts Solution works as a tool that guides your business. You can see where you’re spending money, where you’re making money, areas that need improvement to grow your business.

Balance sheet:
Enlight Accounts Solution supports balance sheets to report on a business’s financial condition.


Enlight Accounts Solution’s built-in security feature will protect your business from data losing or tampering or unauthorized access.